Care Twins

Care Twins is a new Care-as-a-Service (CaaS) initiative which partners with AI and health insurance providers to give our customers the best experience as they age – whether this is in their own homes or in our many communities which are popping up across the UK and abroad.

AI is increasingly being used in supporting elder care and in predictive monitoring for illnesses and cognitive deterioration. As our population ages and pressures increase on caregivers and family members, AI care systems can relieve these tensions and provide another caring presence to look after the people we care for and who cared for us. All that is missing from these AI carers is a touch of familiarity and personality.

Care Twins is a subscription service which monitors how your actions reflect your caring qualities and builds a digital twin based on these characteristics which can then be used to augment an AI model which will provide care for your loved ones as they enter their older age. 

Care Twins are at the leading edge in ageing-in-place and communal care technologies for the 21st Century. We provide multi-faceted tailored care systems for you and your loved ones based on your own digital twin. 

Starting at your entry into adulthood, we begin to build a model of your personality based on your care-based actions and activities throughout your life. We then use this model to imprint onto our AI instance which will be providing care for your loved ones at the sunset of their lives.

Signing up to Care Twins shows that you want the best for you and your family and are willing to invest emotionally across generations.

  • Non-intrusive monitoring of both the subscriber and care receivers
  • Seamless integration with our AI care systems and third-party care providers
  • Check-in and watch your care model grow and evolve over your lifetime
  • On-demand audits of AI models at the request of clients and their families
  • Peace of mind from youth to old age
  • Generous discounts on insurance and care services with our partners