Care Twins – User Stories

“I signed up to Care Twins after one of my parents suffered a heart attack and it really brought home to me how fragile life is and how vulnerable we can be in our old age. While they are both some way away from needing to be cared for, it is reassuring to know that there will be a part of me always there for them, even when I can’t physically be there”

  • Paul, Leiden

Paul signed up with us as one of the early adopters of the Care Twins service. While both of his parents were still healthy and in their late-70’s, they all began to think about ways to use technology to help them age-in-place and to give their children and grand-children peace of mind for the future.

Paul heard about us through a work colleague who had a parent already living in a care community and who was being looked after by an AI which had been imprinted with the colleague’s caring attributes. After he contacted us, we set up a meeting and talked Pauls family through the process.

Care Twins was given permission to access a variety of devices and services which Paul regularly interacted with – phone, purchase and browsing histories, voice assistant, security cameras, and our own voice journaling app which encourages the client to reflect on and oversee how their actions are translated into care mapping.

As Paul goes through his daily life, he and his parents can rest easy in the knowledge that an accurate caring digital twin is being constructed which will be there to provide personalised care for them in the future.

“My Care Twin is doing a great job in looking after my mother in her care home. Although she is always surrounded by people, my twin reminds her that family is always there for her”

Elaine, Nottingham

Elaine and her mother Paula met with us a few years ago, and had had concerns about Paula’s move from home care into one of our partner care communities. We were able to reassure them both that due to their existing use of home care technologies, we already had access to information that would allow us to deploy a very detailed care model right away. This AI would be there to greet Paula from her first day at her new community.

At the family’s discretion, Care Twins can be granted access to a variety of existing care technologies – sensors, computer vision, etc. – and many other technologies which might not seem so obvious – security cameras, phones, voice recognition, etc. – which can provide enough data for us to start building a convincing care model right away.

It has been a great relief to all of the family that there would be a piece of home and a part of the family always around for Paula, day or night.