Part 2

Workshop 2 Structure:

Perspectives – 40 minutes:

Going around the table, each participant is asked to answer the questions:

  • How would you imagine the concept working in the real world? Tell a user story.
  • What one part would you change?
  • What part would you keep?

Participants are encouraged to write down the main points of their answers on cards for later reference.

Discussion – 20 minutes:

Participants are free to talk amongst themselves about the concept under the themes of their own disciplines.

Eg.: Human perspective and Technical requirements

Redesign – 30 minutes:

Participants pair up with partners from an other discipline and start to sketch out how they would realise the concept from the perspective of their own concerns and experience.

Presentations – 5 minutes each:

Each pairing gets to present how their concept has been redesigned and where it has been changed from the original understanding of it.